Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Go! From Saturday's Show At Abc No Rio


  1. You should really watch this video muted with the industrial music I have playing on the other PC...weird...but really I want to see the photos of people hanging out already!

    Dave K>

  2. Hey Dave,
    When are going to contribute?

  3. Damn, like I haven't already? :) We need some other people to write some stuff too...I have a few things in mind. Must find time.

    Dave K.

  4. What a great show that was. Finally getting to see GO! and Huasipungo, 2 bands i kept missing back in the '90s ABC days for some reason. Violent Bullshit blew me away as well.

    It was great meeting all you guys. I had a blast.


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  6. Hi Dave K! How are you??! It's Tracy Sham :) If you want to see more photos of the others from this show, it's posted on my facebook photography page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/New-York-NY/Tracy-Sham-Photography/137927686964 -

    Maybe I'll get to see you soon :) - Tracy.