Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bill Florio Of Smashing Through Fanzine!

More recent pic of Bill.

Bill Florio was and is a constant. He still goes to shows and was practically ABC show that I remember. He published Smashin' Through fanzine and now tries to help kids. What a guy! Here's Bill's reflections:

1.) How did you first discover ABC?
Brendan from SFA handed me a flyer with SFA depicted by the Banana Splits and Bugout Society depicted as the band Winger.

2.) What are your earliest memories of playing/hanging out at/or organizing a show at ABC?
I remember the first matinee was less than zero degrees outside and inside it was colder. I walked over to Tompkins Square since the show started late and watched a homeless man rap to a guy playing an electric plank of plywood standing around a flaming garbage can in the band shell.

3.) What are your fondest or worst memories of ABC?
Every show there for the first two years were some of my favorite shows of all time. The worst would be that original homemade PA system that was made of solid oak and had to be lugged down 4 flights of stairs every week and was left and then hastily removed a year later by a band called Falafel Mafia.

4.) What do you do now?

Besides answering questions about the 1990s punk scene? After retiring from being a Bridezilla punching bag for many years, I play in multiple punk rock bands and spend the workdays bridging the achievement gap. I'm down to one Pepsi a day and 5 Arizona Iced teas.

Bill says: I really enjoyed the Mike Bullshit Brendan Rafferty rants, brings back a lot of memories, glad neither of you guys have changed.

Bill! We'd love to digitize your Smashin' Through's. You game?

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