Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Comments From Facebook That You Should Read & Mike Strikes Back!

Here's some comments that have been left on threads from Facebook. I didn't want anyone to feel deprived from seeing them because they tell more of the story. Lester was my co-editor for Right Trash Fanzine and the kid who hipped me to Hubert Selby, Jr. and William S. Burroughs! The dude changed my life! Thanks Lester!

Lester Salvador: Hmrph. Maybe I should write something... But what to write? I could rant on this for awhile, y'know. **sighs**

Patrick Winter: Bring it Les. Your perspective is needed. Maybe you could offer some insight into Eschneider and his fruitful use of the word "Gringos"?

Mike Bromberg: Pat -I read the blog, and boy, I am so sorry that I was such an asshole. Guess that was just me (as probably everyone can attest to). Anyway, hope you can accept this belated apology. I'm less of an asshole now, if that's any consolation. PS - I just posted like 25 old pics, flyers, etc from ABC - check out my pics.

Richard Trash: I'm gonna post all these comments, guys! I will post yours and the pics and flyers, Mike! Lester Salvador, you better fucking write something for the blog! C'mon, bro!

Here's some more commments from Mike!

Brendan pointed out in the Fuck Rock ABC blog that he's always been the negative guy and like, no shit. I just wanted to point it out cos you spent like 90% of your post talking shit and so that became your entire focus. There WAS that, but there was so much more - so that's what I tried to cover.

Anyway - here's some apologies from me:
- Sorry when I was an asshole to people, especially Pat Winter. (see the blog) Fuck, did I really do that stuff? I'm really sorry. I can't say I wasn't an asshole a lot. I'd like to think I'm better now (I really am.)

- And sorry to Anthony Emo, who I really fucked over. Fuck - what was wrong with me?

I posted like 25 pics and flyers just now - including a GREAT Manacled pic and amazing Rorschach and Born Against pics, PLUS lots of folks just hanging around, having fun in the pit, and the "ABC Fun Crew" page from Inward Monitor. CHECK THEM OUT!

Anyway, Brendan - still got a copy of that bootleg SFA 7"EP for me? (Yeah, right...)

(I'll post this stuff soon, Rich Trash):)


  1. You guys haven't seen negative yet...

    Dave K.

  2. Get ready to play the "Dave K song" by The Manacled when you read Dave's piece!

  3. I have lots of copies of that 7" Mike... lots.
    They're just gathering dust at my mother's apartment in Queens. case you were wondering.