Monday, August 10, 2009

Memories Of ABC...

Photo from Freddy's archives. The people easily identifiable are Sam Mcpheeters and Charles Maggio both touching their heads in the corner of the frame.

Javier Villegas is a bassist who has played in various bands/projects over the years. Here is a brief list of those:

* Our Gang
* Slaughter [nyc]
* Born Against
* Sin
* Cattlepress
* Iabhorher
* Capricorns [uk]
* Kylesa

He's also a great friend who I still see at shows.

Here's a pic by Justine Demetrick, cXa at a venue that is not ABC. lol. Javier is in the lower left of the frame on the drum riser.

Here's what Javier graciously responded when prompted about his reflections on ABC:

01. How did you first discover ABC?

I believe I discovered ABC No Rio from my friend (and old high
school buddy) Mike Bromberg, aka Mike Bullshit.

02. What are your earliest memories of playing/hanging out
at/or organizing a show at ABC?

Hmm, I never organized gigs per se but I sure did play
a bunch of them there! Seeing Moondog (pre Quicksand) is a
great memory, as well as Poison Idea! Playing gigs was always
a blast. Most memorable gig was most likely the Born Against,
J Church, Neurosis, MDC gig.

03. What are your fondest or worst memories of ABC?

So many fond memories. Basically making friends I still have
to this day, about 20 years ago!! Yikes. Not really any bad
memories of the place but I did stop going for a long time...
you know, sometimes life just changes.

04. What do you do now?

These days I've been working in photography. I get to travel
so I've seen a bunch of the world. A couple of years ago I
came out of "retirement" musically. I played in a band from
London called Capricorns on a 2 month European tour & last
year I toured & recorded with Kylesa from Savannah, GA.
Check out their new LP 'Static Tensions' which I play on. Thx!

Here's Jav today!

Jim Testa is a talented writer, musician, and apparently insurance dude! He's been putting out the Jersey Beat for well over twenty years and was a constant in both the CB's and ABC scenes. He inspires me to keep on doing it.

Here's Jim from his MySpace:

Here's Jim's memories of early ABC:

1.) I knew Mike Bullshit from CBGB and the fact that we both did zines, so I knew about the hardcore matinees almost from the beginning. I think I missed the first two or three weeks, then I was a regular there for four years or so.

2.) I never played or organized, just hung out. Made tons of friends. So many talented people - Mike Bromberg, Ted Leo (and his brothers,) Charles Maggio, Sam McPheeters, Bill Florio, and so many more

3.) I don't think I have a single bad memory. Just hanging out and making friends and knowing I was going to see "the gang" every Saturday is a great memory. Especially memorable shows: MDC, Jawbreaker, Screeching Weasel, Rancid, that one Born Against show at the end of the summer where Sam held up the signs and the band just played a monster riff!

4.) I still do JerseyBeat but online now, still go to a ton of shows, some freelance writing, and my day job is in the insurance brokerage business.

Here's an early cXa flyer, Joe Martin definitely made this one and I was probably right next to him when he did. We were probably drinking a 2 liter of Coca Cola while we did. lol.


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