Sunday, August 9, 2009

We Need Your Help!

ABC No Rio was the place!

Born in the ashes of a late 80's NYHC scene that had grown belligerent and too shitty for it's own good, ABC No Rio was a place where the weirdos and geeks inherited the Earth.

Mike (Bromberg) Bullshit, a veteran scenester and Zine editor (Bullshit Monthly) started booking bands at ABC in the last waning months of 1989.

This blog will attempt to catalog, archive, and give life to that era of NYHC. It was vibrant and awesome and fun. There was no PA, heat, or most weekends, even more than one of the bands with a drum kit, but there was an incredible amount of good stuff going on.

We can't archive this thing of ours without your input and help!

We need your old photos from the early ABC No Rio era- 1989 to 1994. We will give you credit and a plug.

We want to digitize your old fanzines and post them here- I will be posting "Marching For Trash" # 2 soon!

We want to digitize your old flyers!

We want your personal oral histories! Take the time to answer these questions and PLEASE e-mail to me:

1.) How did you first discover ABC?

2.) What are your earliest memories of playing/hanging out at/or organizing a show at ABC?

3.) What are your fondest or worst memories of ABC?

4.) What do you do now?

Please e-mail and give consent for us to post your responses.

Here's a link to the MySpace:

A Downloadable version will be available here and on our bud, Vin's blog,

Please help! Only your input, memories, and materials will insure that this stuff will exist forever!

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