Saturday, August 15, 2009

Downloadable Version Of "Fuck Rock- ABC No Rio Compilation 1991" Is Finally Up!

Hey everybody! Back from the wake, funeral and sorrow of saying goodbye to my beloved Nanny.

Here's a fantastic FULLY DOWNLOADABLE version of Freddy's long lost Fuck Rock- ABC No Rio Comp. 1991! Courtesy of Vinny and his extraordinary Blogged & Quartered! Check back frequently to his blog and ours for more amazing HC and the memories behind it.

I have some Mike B.S. pics tomorrow, some back and forth btwn Mike and Brendan (still) and, if I have the time, maybe I'll have some Manacled/Antiem memories cuz' I have an awesome coupla' pics. Also: Dave K. answers the four questions.

HEY! Ladies! Please help mark this blog with your memories! You know I e-mailed you on Facebook asking you to answer our four questions. I am going to be following up with you tomorrow! No excuses about business, guys! PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLease, I'm getting married next weekend! I don't wanna hear it! lol.